: English - District 33 (Council Member Levin)

This district has a budget of $20,000

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Enlarge treepits and tree guards

2018-10-05  •  Jeff  •  English - District 33 (Council Member Levin)

Enlarge tree pits around tree beds (to absorb storm water) and install tree guards (to keep soil from compacting). Spread the work across the district. 


To Add Speed- and Traffic-Calming Solutions to the Corner of Berry

2018-10-04  •  Megan  •  English - District 33 (Council Member Levin)

  1. Safely cross into McCarren Park's northwest corner to enjoy the tennis facilities and other amenities, 
  2. Safely access the bike lane and bike parking at this end of the Park, and
  3. Safely enter and exit the Automotice High School parking lot

PS110 Renovation of school yard retaining wall and pavement ground

2018-10-20  •  Andrea Perrella  •  English - District 33 (Council Member Levin)

Safely utilize the school yard for the new outdoor green classroom and daily school recess. The yard has a crumbling retaining brick wall and a weathered pavement ground. This retaining wall currently has patches of rusted metal panels, and the exposed bricks are cracked with layers of peeling paint. The wall needs to be completely renovated, and or rebuilt. The ground pavement is in need of being re-surfaced as there are cracks, faded field graphics, and uneven sections. The new outdoor “Green Classroom” area, which teachers will instruct students about the environment, is in the corner where the retaining wall is.  It is imperative that the students are able to be safe while in the yard. Ideally, the retaining wall would be engineered and rebuilt with stronger modern materials, and the ground would be covered in a soft rubber track material that would create a defined footprint for the outdoor classroom separating it from the soccer / football field area. 


Brighter Lighting for McGolrick Park and Surrounding Streets

2018-10-20  •  A. Summerton  •  English - District 33 (Council Member Levin)

Brighter lighting / lantern renovation for McGolrick Park and surrounding streets. Lighting in McGolrick is currently very dim, organge light with a timing system that doesn’t synchronize with the daylight. At times, the park is completely dark either in the early evening or early morning. In addition, the surrounding streets that border the park have trees that reach out blocking the street lights. This creates very dark sidewalks around the perimeter that include Nassau Ave, Monitor St, Driggs Ave, and Russell St. 


Traffic light/Crosswalk/Walk + Don't walk sign for Huron and Manhattan ave.

2018-10-21  •  Michael Mitchell  •  English - District 33 (Council Member Levin)

This intersection has become increasingly busy and dangerous over the years due to construction and population boom in the neighorhood. It's (by far) the busiest intersection on this road not to have adequate safety features. A stoplight + crosswalk and walk/don't walk installation would help neighbors here stay safe.


Install a stop sign and pedestrian crosswalk at the corner of Driggs and Union

2018-10-05  •  Annie Levers  •  English - District 33 (Council Member Levin)

Safety cross the street to the farmer's market, park and bus stop! 


Bike racks

2018-10-05  •  Cait  •  English - District 33 (Council Member Levin)

install additional bike racks throughout the district, particularly along the Brooklyn Greenway and outside the subway stations



Renovation of our IS 318 Library - improvements, updates and new technology.

2018-10-19  •  Anna Corinna Sellinger  •  English - District 33 (Council Member Levin)

Both students and faculty could access up-to-date digital tools for a rich offering of online resources, remote research, news, and educational databases, and also NEW BOOKS! Our kids need a collections of fiction and nonfiction books with meaningful connections to students’ studies and to their own experiences.  We want to connect our readers to books they will love and thus promote critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and intellectual curiosity. We have students just learning English and Advanced Students reading on a high school level - our library should have stimulating and effective books and opportunities for all our children.


Update the kitchen at Boerum Hill School for International Studies

2018-10-05  •  Maryanne Fishman  •  English - District 33 (Council Member Levin)

The Boerum Hill School for International Studies has sent many high school graduates on to culinary school.  Help them update their kitchen so that the kids can learn a career in culinary in a modern kitchen.


Street trees around NYCHA

2018-10-05  •  Peter  •  English - District 33 (Council Member Levin)

Plant additional street trees around each of the NYCHA campuses.